What’s the Best Hydration Pack for Hiking? One of These Will Work For You!

The Best Hydration Packs for Hiking and Why They Can Elevate Your Camping Experience

In the following article, we review five of the best hydration pack for hiking and camping that are available on the market today. They have been reviewed and compared for your best interests. Their material’s durability, their performance, and the overall experience of other customers have put under scrutiny to ensure you, the possible future owner of a hydration pack, are not going into this shopping experience blind. Hydration packs have become more and more popular throughout the years among campers. Originally they were designed for the distance runner and the cyclist, but their designs have become more versatile, giving them more purpose in the great outdoors.

The standard [easyazon_link keywords=”hydration pack” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]hydration pack[/easyazon_link] is a light weight carrying back pack with a pouch- most often times removable- that can hold a set quantity of water. Original models only had this single feature and were obsolete to campers and hikers because nothing but water could be carried. However, new startup companies have changed the game. The companies reviewed in this article have provided a series of features that take the average hydration pack to a new level for a campers and hikers. No matter what you do in the outdoors, there’s a pack on this list for everyone.

The average camper needs a tent- or an RV in this day and age- a nice fire pit, a change of clothes, maybe some insect repellent. Beyond the obvious needs its always smart to have a flashlight, maybe a small Gerber Knife, Para chord, rain ponchos, and a GPS locator (if you’re a bad ass hiker). Then finally there are the things that take camping from a sleeping in the woods type of experience to a grand old time in the woods. The best s’mores ingredients, a nice set of steaks to grill over the fire, a great set of brews, and of course a hydration pack.

The final item, the hydration pack, might not be in everyone’s arsenal…yet. With the aforementioned new features of the hydration packs in this list you and all your friends are sure to soon jump on the train of hydration. These packs feature new storage pockets and can carry more water than ever. Some have been designed for the long haul on a bike, but prove themselves in long distance hikes. Some have been designed for the hunter, this in itself keeps the bag relevant to every day camping. Finally, there are some on this list which have combined the best of both hydration packs and backpacks to make a hybrid that should be a go to for each and every camper who loves being prepared as much as they do hydrated.

Each hydration pack has basic features that you should be accustomed with before picking out the nitty gritty details in the article which is to come. The mouth tubes on each of these packs are at least 50 inches long, allowing them to comfortably reach from your back to your mouth without any chance of entanglement. They all contain detachable water bags. This allows you to fill your hydration pack effortlessly and allows some versatility with your pack. If a hydration pack didn’t have a removable pack, then it wouldn’t make this list- they are essential. A majority of packs will contain adjustable straps to keep the bag secure against your body. Water, as fluid as it is, can slosh around more easily than stagnant carry items. These straps are also essential to a useful and comfortable hydration pack. The last feature that is basic to hydration packs everywhere are side pockets. For the sake of camping and hiking, pockets are essential for carrying equipment that could either save your life or make your experience all the better. Some hydration packs on the market will not have pockets and that is perfectly fine if you’re just looking for something to carry water on your back, but really, why put on a whole pack if all it can carry is water?


Best Hydration Pack for Hiking & Camping #1:
Camden Gear’s Running Hydration Pack with 1.5 L Backpack Water Bladder.

Fits Men and Women with Chest Sizes 27″ – 50″. Great for Hiking – Running – Biking – Kids

With 5k runners and half-marathoners as the designated audience for [easyazon_link identifier=”B00KSMVACW” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Camden Gear’s Running Hydration Pack[/easyazon_link], the company has gone the extra mile for those who go the extra mile. Light in weight and versatile in use, Camden Gear has created the perfect water pack for any hike, walk, or run. The various technical features put this hydration pack above all others.

Hydration Pack with 1.5 L Backpack Water Bladder


  • The Hydration Pack’s most notable feature is its 50 oz. carrying capacity.
  • The adjustable shoulder and chest straps have been optimized to fit almost anyone.
  • The producers of the Running Hydration Pack have implemented several storage compartments perfect for fitting a light jacket, phone or tablet, and a small camera such as a [easyazon_link identifier=”B00NIYJF6U” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]GoPro[/easyazon_link] or DSL.
  • Water resistant material keeps stored items dry in a drizzle.


  • The optimization of shoulder and chest straps provide a snug and comfortable fit for almost all people. The weight of the water in the pack feels evenly displaced, minimizing extra stress on the back during a run or hike.
  • The liter and a half carrying capacity of the pack ensures you’ll be hydrated throughout your entire run or day-hike without a worry of running out of water. At maximum capacity the 50 oz. can fulfill all needs.
  • For the low price of the product, you really get a bang for your buck. The longevity of the Hydration Pack is unparalleled for similar products at a similar price. Because Camden Gear has utilized their own diamond Rip Stop Nylon, the product remains water proof and strong throughout the various bouts of thrashing it may take in your adventures and runs.
  • Another notable feature of the backpacks material is its ability to keep liquids relatively cool. The nylon manages to reflect some heat from the sun, keeping your water well out of the lukewarm temperature that makes drinking water distasteful.
  • The wide mouth of the water jug allows water to be cooled with ice cubes of any size. This will ensure a cool drink for the entirety of the day no matter how long the trek.
  • The various storage pockets allow you to carry a camera for documentation of your run or a light jacket in preparation for any weather that hits you.


            Although the Running Hydration Pack has a laundry list of positive feedback it is important to look at some of the consistently reported malfunctions and cons of the pack. All cons relate to the overall performance of the water pack and should definitely be thought over before you solidify your purchase.

  • Plastic lining leaves a chemical taste in water if not treated properly. Even after several washes, the plastic chemical taste is still apparent and can still linger after three to four good washes.
  • Mouthpiece occasionally leaks when left hanging down. This drip might not be noticeable at first, but can lead to an overall depletion of water and/or excess water wetting your clothes.
  • The mouthpiece requires a lot of effort to withdraw water from the pack. In a long distance run or difficult hike, worrying about whether or not water will come out of your pack is the last thing you need.
  • Snug fit of pack causes far more perspiration than without the pack on. This is notable for those who plan on keeping their hikes light for the purpose of being able to go out and do something right after. 

Overall Consumer Reviews

Overall, the majority of consumers are heavily pleased with their purchase of Camden Gear’s hydration pack. The small size and various uses of the pack really make the Hydration Pack an everyday item. The pack receives favorable recognition for its cheap price and reliability. Although few customers have found leaks from the main compartment, drips from the mouthpiece, and hard access to the water, a majority of the product owners have not had any issues regarding their pack.

There are many reasons as to why the Hydration Pack has received over 140 five-star ratings on Amazon, but the bottom line is that it works. For a great price customers are finally getting a running hydration pack that doesn’t weigh them down, but holds enough water to keep them hydrated and going for the whole day.

Whether you purchase this pack for a half marathon or just for hiking, the product will be far from a letdown. Customers of the pack return time and time again to leave positive feedback and make another purchase. If you’re looking for versatility in a light weight hydro-pack, then Camden Gear is the right brand for you.


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Best Hydration Pack for Hiking & Camping #2:
Mubasel’s Updated Stronger Hydration Pack with 70 oz 2L Bladder

for Running Hiking Riding Camping Cycling Climbing – Best Lightweight Backpack Water Bag for Runner Outdoor Bicycle & Bike Sports

The Mubasel Gear’s new hydration pack comes in with a set of features that set it apart from all the other hydration packs. It’s small and sleek design make it ideal for anyone who is trying to drop weight on their gear or for someone who just wants a light, every day carry bag. The best thing about the [easyazon_link identifier=”B015GONGWS” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Mubasel Hydration bag[/easyazon_link] is their revamp, making a stronger and more reliable water carrier.

Updated Stronger Hydration Pack with 70 oz 2L Bladder


  • The Mubasel Gear’s new bag only weighs .77 lbs.
  • The carrying capacity of the bag reaches 2L.
  • The attached cinched netting to the outer shell for the carry of everyday items.
  • Small side pockets for safekeeping of phone and headphones
  • Wide mouthed water bag allows for ice cubes and easy cleaning.


  • The lightweight carrying bag is sure to be the most comfortable fit out of all the bags on this list. Although the bag does not come with additional chest straps, the design of the bag is sleek enough to stay stable throughout your run, hike, or climbing endeavor. As well as being sleek and stable.
  • The cinch netting on the outer shell of the bag allows you to carry additional snacks, energy chews, and extra equipment such as a flashlight. The netting does not zipper shut, so grabbing whatever you need on the go is made easy and efficient.
  • Musabel Gear has really outdone themselves with the strength and durability of the new water bag. The lining has been revamped to hold up to 132 lbs. of weight, and can withstand the pressure of 200 lbs.
  • The hose attached to the bag is longer in comparison to most running hydration bags allowing for a surefire way of getting water into your system while on the run. The tie downs along the edges of the bag make for a clean, organized system.
  • The detachable water bag allows you to turn the hydration pack into a lightweight carry pack. Without the water pack installed, you could carry a few water bottles and a light jacket on your adventure. This design feature gives you the best of both worlds.
  • Wide mouth allows easy access to the inner pouch for cleaning. This also allows for the addition of ice, keeping your drink cool for as long as the ice can last.


Although there are many positives to a lightweight carry pack, the Mubasel Pack is cheap and has a few flaws that come when a dollar is saved.

  • The Musabel Gear bag is one of those items that stays true to “you get what you paid for.” Yes, it’s cheap, but it’s missing a lot of features that make a long lasting purchase.
  • The cinch netting is not zipped, so bouncing around may result in a loss of the items placed within the bag. The netting is also not waterproof, so items will get damaged in a light rain.
  • The zip pockets are rather small, so if you were hoping to fit a small jacket in there, it won’t happen. The only way to fit something large is to remove the water pack. It’ll all come down to your decision of hydration or light packing.

Overall Customer Review

The Mubasel Gear Hydration Pack is coming in hot with its new lightweight and strong build. Customer’s believe that although the bag is cheap, it holds true to its price, so maybe ordering an extra pack is a smart idea. A majority of the satisfactory reports have taken note of the lightweight carrying pack and the 70oz capacity. For the cheap price, many have felt that even the short longevity does not outdo the performance of the overall pack. The cinch netting although loose, is perfect for easy access and is a favorite among hikers who just want a quick snack on the go.

To no surprise the pack is also a favorite among climbers. Despite climbers not normally wearing any sort of pack, the ease of use and “not even there” feel make the Mubasel Pack a viable option for carrying water on multi-pitch climbs and long hauls.

Overall, the Mubasel Hydration Pack is a worthwhile purchase and it definitely falls into the best hydration packs on the market. It may not compare to some $200 packs out there, but it gets the job done at a price that is affordable for everyone.


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Best Hydration Pack for Hiking & Camping #3:
Mazu Hydration Pack with 2.5L Backpack Water Bladder

for Hiking Running Biking 10 Colors Fits Men Women Kid

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B01LH2M49O” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Mazu hydration pack[/easyazon_link] is one built for duration and sustainability. Holding 80oz in a canvas carry bag makes for a durable, all day, hiking pack. The variation of colors for the packs allow for a customize feel that no other bag on this list can provide. Whether it be army green or a sleek black bag, Mazu has something for every hiker.

Hydration Pack with 2.5L Backpack Water Bladder


  • Two-layer cargo design holds 80oz carrying bag and cell phone.
  • Breathable mesh back panel.
  • Chest strap for stabilization.
  • Water carrying bag is removable.


  • The canvas feel to the oxford fabric allows this bag to accelerate to the first place spot on this list for durability. The fabric can definitely take a beating and retain its sleek design.  Whether you’re scraping by bushes or dropping the bag onto rocks, the fabric ensure no punctures or scrapes will happen, leaving your water protected and bag leak free.
  • The breathable mesh back panel is something that Mazu does better than all of its competitors. The lightweight fabric allows your back to maintain an airflow, keeping it dryer than any pack on this list. Even with a full 80oz bag, the breathable mesh still works wonders when it comes to keeping your body nice and cool. The extra padding also pairs with the chest strap to keep the pack comfortable against your body.
  • The chest strap helps to stabilize the pack for any kind of movement. Whether it be running or hiking, the bag will remain still and won’t jostle your body around. A secure hydration pack is key for the harshest of circumstances.
  • The mouthpiece holder which is attached to the chest strap keeps the mouthpiece steady for easy access. The clip keeps it secure on any adventure. A simple unclipping will give you access to all the water you need. Being attached to your chest, the mouthpiece holder will also keep your mouthpiece from dangling and letting water drip, as well as keep is clean from brushing the dirt or bushes.
  • The double layering storage keeps your items safe and dry. The slip in storage compartment readily holds your phone or camera, and does so securely. The tightness of the storage is reliable and won’t let your items slip loose on any run or hike.
  • The removable water carrying bag allows you to turn this lightweight hydration pack into a backpack. With the water pack removed, you could hold a water bottle and snacks, and even some clothes to prepare you for any situation.


At $20, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01LH2M49O” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Mazu hydration pack[/easyazon_link] seems like a steal. At first glance this pack seemed almost perfect: durable, high capacity, and straps in all spots you’d need one. After further speculation, some cons have been added to a shortlist. Do not let the small size of the following list allow you to write off its contents.

  • The Mazu Hydration pack isn’t as light as the other packs in this list. If you’re looking for a bag that’s more about comfort, then the Mazu won’t be for you. It was made for long day hikes with the idea that the pack would go through a beating.
  • The mouth for the carrying bag is relatively small. The small nature of the filling hole makes cleaning a task, and also limits the ability to use ice effectively. Removing the bag and leaving it in the fridge is the only real bet you have at keeping cold water for your endeavors.
  • The slip in carrying pocket only allows for thin objects such as a phone or camera. Packing an umbrella or jacket for a multi-weather hike is hardly an option with such little storage space. Other hydration packs on this list surely surpass Mazu’s design in terms of utility.

Overall Customer Review

The Mazu Hydration Pack has received only positive feedback from the customers that purchased the pack for its intended use. Those who expected a pack that was capable of carrying a lot of their things other than water were disappointed at the small size of the second pack. For those who knew exactly what they were buying, the pack turned out to be perfection.

The durability has proven itself. Even the heaviness of the pack does not make customers shy away from the high quality materials. With a cushioned back pad and a high capacity, Mazu successfully constructed a pack for the long haul. Whether it’s a desert trek, a run through the hills, or a long day spent at the beach, hydration will always be an option.


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Best Hydration Pack for Hiking & Camping #4:
Mubasel Gear’s Hydration pack with 70 oz 2L Bladder

for Running Hiking Riding Hiking Camping Cycling Climbing Biking – Lightweight Backpack for Runner Outdoor Bicycle & Bike Sports

Mubasel Gear has earned a second spot on this list with their 2-liter hydration backpack. This backpack is definitely on the larger side of hydration packs, but the utility that comes with all the extra surface is well worth the extra carry. This hydration pack was designed for those who want a backpack with a hydration pouch, more than a slim water carrier.

Hydration pack with 70 oz 2L Bladder


  • Adjustable chest, shoulder, and waist straps.
  • Large central pocket, as well as additional hip pockets.
  • 70 oz. food-proofed water bag.
  • Additional back and shoulder padding for shock absorbing.
  • Rip Stop Nylon material for a water resistant pack.


  • The adjustable straps allow for a snug and comfortable fit no matter what size you are. A looser strap will allow the bag to dangle freely off of your body and is supported by the dynamics of the pack. A tight hold keeps the pack right on your body, but because of the extra padding will feel just like a pillow.
  • The food-proofed water bag is top of the line when it comes to water sealing. The pack itself can withstand tons of pressure without springing a leak. Definitely a long lasting water pouch.
  • The previously mentioned extra padding is overlooked in many reviews, but definitely deserves a mention. At a fall the padding helps to absorb the impact and assures that your belongings stored inside don’t break, and also assures that your back is protected. During a long hike or run, the padding will definitely make a noticeable difference in comparison to unpadded packs.
  • The large pockets found on this hydration backpack really set it apart from all the other packs on this list. Most of the other packs only allow for carry of a small phone or light jacket. This [easyazon_link identifier=”B01AOVQDDW” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Mubasel Backpack[/easyazon_link] can hold a few clothing articles, extra water bottles, and snacks. The side pockets are perfect for keys, wallets, and phones and can be utilized as a built in first aid kit. If you’re one who likes to be prepared on a hike or run or bike ride, then this feature alone should put this pack at the top of your shopping list.
  • The Rip Stop Nylon found in the other Mubasel Gear pack proves itself once again. It keeps the water in your pack cool and insulated, and keeps all things stored in your pack nice and dry. It’s perfect for rainy weather and hot weather- you get the best of both worlds with this material.
  • The wide mouth found in many Mubasel water packs is found in this backpack as well. Water is kept fresh and cold with the addition of ice cubes and the plastic taste of most hydration packs is eliminated with easy cleaning.


This pack is definitely one of the better packs on this list. However, there are some setbacks to it being so large compared to the rest of the hydration packs on this list.

  • The only real con for this bag is that the production is a hit or miss. Some bags have been reported faulty and tend to break easily. Mubasel’s off-brand production is still in development and it shows with these bags. Every now and then a broken nozzle is found, or a strap comes loose, or the padding rips off too easily.
  • This backpack is also quite large compared to other water packs. If you were looking into getting a faster marathon time or a PR on the cycle, this pack won’t help you there. For distance it is perfect, but if speed and lightweight reliability are what you’re looking for, then this pack won’t be a good purchase for you.

Overall Customer Reviews

Despite the off-brand production Mubasel has been turning out with this bag, the overall feedback is positive. Customers who purchase the backpack for its utility are more than pleased with its performance. The cheap feel some complain about with this bag is overshadowed by the performance it delivers a majority of the time.

Being decently priced, this backpack is great for those who have never had a hydration backpack and want to use one before they go all out and purchase a more expensive one. The notable features definitely show that Mubasel Gear is going in the right direction with this product and will definitely deliver better and better products in the future.

For now, consumers can look forward to the punch this pack packs: 70 oz of water and a carrying compartment suitable for the distance, all fit into a nice and adjustable pack. Whether it’s a local hike or a long bike ride, this backpack was made to go places.


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Best Hydration Pack for Hiking & Camping #5:
Unigear’s Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks with 2.5L Bladder

for Hiking, Biking, Running, Walking and Climbing

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01AT4S72Y” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Unigear’s Tactical Hydration Pack[/easyazon_link]has the performance capabilities and reliable features that have brought it to the fifth and final spot on this list. The bag has been designed for hiking, biking, and running, but has a great aesthetic appeal for those who enjoy hunting, paintball, or mock military excursions. The tactical pack is a great mix of military design and conventional water packs.

Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks with 2.5L Bladder


  • Valve has a hands free, pinch mouth piece.
  • PVC lined outer material protects bag from wear and tear.
  • Bottom sipper pouch for additional storage.
  • Wide-mouthed, removable, 2.5-liter water pouch.
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps


  • The most notable feature about this pack is the polyester, PVC-lined material used to make the bag. It is relatively lightweight and is easily the most durable bag to make this list. The rugged look and feel of the polyester isn’t just for show- this bag can definitely take a beating. The camo color options for the bag allow any hunter to lay low in the bushes without worrying about the bag being spotted, and without branches tearing into the bag itself.
  • The pinch mouth valve allows for hands free access to water. With a simple bite and suck water is dispensed from the tube, leaving your hands free to hold onto your bike’s handle bars, or keep the arms pumping at an even pace during a run. The hands free system is, once again, great for hunters. You can stay hydrated without blowing your cover.
  • The zip up pouch located at the bottom of the pack is perfect for holding your phone and wallet securely. The zipper ensures your items won’t fall out on a jostling hike or a fast paced bike ride.
  • The adjustable shoulder and chest straps ensure a comfortable fit that won’t bounce around when you’re doing any kind of activity.
  • The water bag’s mouth is fairly wide similar to the other packs on this list, allowing for the implementation of ice. Though ice is a possibility, the insulation for the bag is enough to keep water cool all on its own. Cold water will last for the greater parts of the day, and ice will only prolong the refreshing feel of cool water.
  • The mesh padding in the shoulders keeps the pack feeling comfortable over long distances. The breathable mesh will also keep your back nice and cool in the summer heat and when your back is feeling weighted down.


The cons that come along with the bag are more than notable. Overall, they bring the performance of the bag down and hurt a great design. Water carrying capability is a must for a hydration pack, and Unigear is lacking reliable technology.

  • The detachable tube is difficult to screw on snuggly. If not properly put in place, the water will leak and tends to soak anything that is put into the bottom pack. Also, if the tube is not completely attached to the bag, water flow is pretty limited and may not come out at all.
  • The bite-to-use mouthpiece is not as durable as the company claims and sometimes gets stuck shut. If the mouthpiece gets stuck the only option left is to drink the water straight out of the bag which is far from optimal if one plans to lay low on a hunt or are moving fast-paced in a heated area.

Overall Customer Reviews

Overall, the customers gave positive responses on the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01AT4S72Y” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Unigear Hydration pack[/easyazon_link]. They favored the durability of the outer shell, the easy-to-use zipper pouch, and the bite down mouthpiece. Unigear really went above and beyond in appealing to the hunter’s aesthetic and made this hydration pack more than feasible for those who want to lay low and quiet when stalking their prey.

Given the price of the pack, there are better options on this list. Unless you’re really looking for something that frees up your hands, blends in with the terrain, and is ready for any kind of thrashing, previously mentioned packs are the better option. The screw on tube is difficult for most, and those who can’t get it suffer from a loss of water, wet wallets, and no fun. A majority of complaints come from this lack of water, and it is assumed that water carrying capability is the largest and only reason to buy a water hydration pack. Unigear went for a solid design, but some fatal flaws keep it at a relatively mediocre state. With further improvements to water pack quality, this pack could go places. For now, it’ll remain at the bottom of a shopping list.


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Best Hydration Pack for Hiking & Camping Summary

By now, your understanding of hydration packs should now be adequate enough to fully understand the various features and design of a hydration pack and help you pick what’s best for you. Whether you’re searching for the best hydration packs for hiking and camping, or something that will allow you to last the day in the sun, we assure there will be an item in this list that’ll meet your needs. We hope this helps you pick the purchase that will give you the best experience in the outdoors. Here’s to the tents, and to the s’mores, and to the great memories you’ll make in the outdoors.

Happy camping!



Hydration Pack with 1.5 L Backpack Water Bladder. Fits Men and Women with Chest Sizes 27" - 50". Great for Hiking - Running - Biking - Kids

as of June 20, 2024 4:35 am


  • WILL FIT YOU PERFECTLY: Adjustable shoulder/chest straps. Will fit chest sizes from teenagers / kids with 27" up to adults (men and women) with 50" chest size. The chest straps makes sure it doesn't bounce when you move.
  • GOOD VOLUME: Includes storage compartments that will fit your clothes, iPad, phones 11" -12" laptops and even a DSL camera. For even more storage, the side pockets allows you to pack even more on your hike, mountain bike.
  • WATER RESISTANT AND DURABLE: The main compartment is covered with our own diamond Rip Stop Nylon material which serves two functions. 1. It is water resistant so your belongings stay dry in light/medium rain. It is also durable reduces wear and tear so your pack lasts longer
  • REPLACEABLE 50Oz. BLADDER: Includes a 1.5 Liter/50 Oz. BPA Free bladder which keeps you hydrated. It also keeps the water fairly cool. and includes a wide screw cap so you can add ice cubes for an even cooler drink. Enough to get you through a day of hiking, cycling, running or biking
  • OUR GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Camden Gear Hydration Pack, please let us know and we will immediately refund your purchase price - no questions asked.

Updated Stronger Hydration Pack with 70 oz 2L Bladder for Running Hiking Riding Camping Cycling Climbing - Best Lightweight Backpack Water Bag for Runner Outdoor Bicycle & Bike Sports (Lemon))

as of June 20, 2024 4:35 am


  • Perfect Set - Includes 2 Liters FDA Approved Food Grade Hydration Bladder
  • Super Light - Weight 0.77 Lb With 2L Bladder In High Quality Of The Workmanship & Nylon Material
  • Good Volume - Includes 2 Storage Compartments (16.5 * 9.85 Inch) And Stretch Mesh Pockets
  • Multiple Usage Bladder - It Can Bear The Weight Of 132 Lb. The Opening Is Large Enough To Add Ice Cubes For Chilling
  • Won't Leak - As Long As The Screw Between The Bladder And The Straw Tightened Well So As The Opening, It Won't Leak At All

Hydration Pack with 2.5L Backpack Water Bladder for Hiking Running Biking Color Jungle Camo

as of June 20, 2024 4:35 am


  • Backpack Size:18" x 10" x 2" hydration pack includes a 80 Oz / 2.5L BPA-Free bladder.
  • Two layers cargo design, one for hydration bladder, and the other for extra carrying purpose.
  • Slender and portable design with middle handle strap and adjustable webbing chest and shoulder straps.
  • Lightweight, Cushioned, breathable mesh back panel, Made of high-quality Oxford fabric, attractive and durable.
  • Order with confidence! Comes with our NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Hydration pack with 70 oz 2L Bladder for Running Hiking Riding Hiking Camping Cycling Climbling Biking - Lightweight Backpack for Runner Outdoor Bicycle & Bike Sports (Black)

as of June 20, 2024 4:35 am


  • WILL FIT YOU PERFECTLY: Adjustable shoulder/chest and extra long padded waist straps make sure it doesn't bounce when you run, hike, or ride bikes. The chest straps fit chest sizes from teenagers/kids with 27" up to adults (men and women) with 50" chest size.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED POCKETS - Include storage compartments that will fit your clothes, iPad, phones 11" -12" laptops and even a DSL camera. For even more storage, the side pockets allows you to pack even more on your hike.
  • STAY HYDRATED WITH FOOD GRADE 70 Oz/2L WATER BLADDER: Never worry about dehydration with our FDA approved, food grade 70 Oz / 2L BPA-Free leak-proof bladder. The wide screw cap so you can add ice cubes for an even cooler drink. Enough to get you through a day of hiking, cycling, running or biking
  • STAY DRY AND ABSORB SHOCK: Extra padding on the back, shoulder and waist straps ensures there is no bounce when you move. Breathable mesh throughout the pack ensures you stay dry even on a hot day. Our own diamond Rip Stop Nylon material ensures water and sweat resistant so your belongings always stay dry.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: when you order today, you're protected by our 90 day, no-questions asked, money back guarantee and world class customer service. Get Yours TODAY!

Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks with 2.5L Bladder for Hiking, Biking, Running, Walking and Climbing (ACU)

as of June 20, 2024 4:35 am


  • Adjustable shoulder/chest straps. Will fit chest sizes from teenagers/kids with 27" up to adults (men and women) with 50" chest size. The chest straps make sure it doesn't bounce when you move; Whistle buckle for emergency
  • Rugged 600 Denier Polyester heavy-duty construction with PVC lining, resistant to tears and abrasion; Hands-free hydration hose with bite valve, gently biting the valve opens up the flow of water
  • REPLACEABLE 2.5L BLADDER: Includes a 2.5 Liter BPA free bladder which keeps you hydrated. It also keeps the water fairly cool. And include a wide screw cap so you can add ice cubes for an even cooler drink. Enough to get you through a day of hiking, cycling, running or biking
  • Sleek and compact design: 19" x 10" x 1.5" in size and 22 ounces in weight; Two front pockets for carry your wallet, keys, phone, towel, smalltool, perfect for hiking, running, biking, walking
  • 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with this product, please contact customer service within 60 days, and we will immediately refund your purchase price - no questions asked.