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Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review

What is the Coleman Quad LED Lantern?

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B001TS71NG” locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Coleman Quad LED Lantern[/easyazon_link] is a sleek, modern addition to Coleman’s range of battery powered, LED lanterns. It has been designed with user friendliness and maximum functionality in mind.  The unit consists of a main base, to which, four detachable panels are attached. The unit can be used as a whole to provide a single light source, that throws out up to 190 lumens of light in a 360 degree radius, and will run for up to 75 hours. You also have the option to detach any of the four panels, to use as a temporary, 47.5 lumen, light source to light another area for up to 1.5 hours before it has to be replaced on the main unit to recharge. Therefore, designed to be four lanterns in one, it was aptly named, the quad LED lantern.


Taking a closer look at the Coleman Quad LED Lantern

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In order to get a better idea of what the Coleman Quad LED Lantern has to offer, we should take a closer look at all of it’s features. From there we will be able to weigh the pro’s against the con’s and see how this unit performs in it’s market. Let’s a have a look:


Coleman Quad LED Lantern Features

⦁          4 detachable panels that can be disconnected from the base and used as a separate light source.

⦁          Simple release buttons to detach the panels

⦁          Each panel contains 6 LEDs, which combine to make a total of 24 LEDs for the whole unit.

⦁          The Lifetime LEDs never have to be changed and they never get hot.

⦁          As a whole, the lantern will produce up to 190 lumens of light. Each individual panel produces 47.5 lumens.

⦁          Diffused Lenses reduce the glare from the ultra-bright LEDs.

⦁          A collapsible easy carry handle on the main unit as well as fixed handles on the individual panels.

⦁          An on/off switch located on top of the main unit and on the back of each of the individual panels.

⦁          Water resistance rating of IPX 4 against rain and water splash.

⦁          A light range of 8m from the whole unit or each individual unit.

⦁          The lantern is powered by 8 D-cell batteries ( not included ).

⦁          Panels contain NiMH battery pack that charges off of the main unit.

⦁          Lantern run time is 75 hours.

⦁          Individual panel run time per charge is around 1.5 hours.

⦁          With batteries inserted, the unit weighs up to 6.15lbs ( 2.7 kgs).

⦁          The lantern measures 6.5 inches in width, and 11.7 inches in height .

⦁          5 year limited warranty.


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A look at the pros and cons

Every product has it’s pros and cons. Which features we see as pros and which we see as cons all depends on our intended use for the product. So, let’s dissect the Coleman Quad lantern ( not literally ) and go through some and pros and cons, considering the many different possible uses of this product.



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Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review

The [easyazon_link identifier="B001TS71NG" locale="US" tag="allaroundcamping-20"]Coleman quad LED lantern[/easyazon_link] is an excellent product that, thanks to it's design, makes it versatile enough to be used for a variety of situations. Most popular as a camping lantern, it can also be used at home when the lights go out, or even for outdoor gatherings such as barbecues and picnics. You'll never need another lantern, as this is one that can do it all.

It's simplicity and safety, make it suitable for use by the whole family, being  an especially big hit for those family camping trips. The children can take a panel for use as a night light in their tents and the parents don't have to worry about them burning themselves.

The only downfall of this product seems to be it's size and weight, which only really applies if you are a hiker or backpacker that carries everything in your backpack, or you are planning on carrying it a long distance.

The Coleman Quad LED lantern does not disappoint and consistently receives high ratings and fantastic reviews from all customers who purchase it.

  • Detachable panels mean that there is no longer any need for multiple light sources. No need to search for extra flashlights or headlamps. To make that trip to the campsite toilets or to find the fuse box when your lights go out, simply detach one of the panels and you have a separate light without having to leave everyone else in the dark. Also handy for those family camping trips, where you no longer have any need for several lanterns to light multiple tents.
  • The detachable panels contain a NiMH battery packs which charge off of the main base. Therefore, there is no need to worry about carrying around extra batteries for them. Simply replace the panel on the base after use in order to recharge it. Each panel will run for around 1.5 hours once it is detached from the base.
  • The easy carry handles make this unit very easy to hold onto and move from place to place. The handles on the individual panels make them easy to carry and allow them to be hung in the tent,on a tree branch, or wherever you might need the light.
  • The release button on the front of the panels makes the detachment and reattachment a quick and simple process. No wasting time and no need to worry about accidentally breaking the product. Just push to release and click back into place.
  • Lifetime LEDs never die. This means that you never have to worry about suddenly being left without light and you never have to change another bulb.
  • The LEDs also run cool, which means that, no matter how long they are running for, they will never get hot. This makes the product suitable for use by the whole family, parents no longer need to worry about their children accidentally burning themselves when handling the lantern.
  • The 24 LEDs throw out a whopping 190 lumens in a 360 degree light which is more than suitable for camping, or those emergency situations when the power goes out, easily lighting an entire room or campsite. Each panel, when separated, will produce 47.5 lumens, more than your average camping flashlight. Both the lantern, as a whole, and the individual panels, when detached, have a light range of 26 feet ( 8m )
  • You may worry about the discomfort of having such a bright light, but the Coleman quad LED lantern has this covered, literally. Diffused lenses reduce the glare from the LEDs and make sure that you have a lantern that will give you all the light you need without blinding you in the meantime.
  • A main on/off switch located on the top of the unit will turn the lantern on and off whilst the panels are connected to the base. However, each panel also has their own on/off switch, on the back for when they are removed from the base. This allows you to turn them on and off as you wish, whilst they are detached.
  • Having an IPX4 water resistance rating, you no longer need to worry about your lantern when your camp gets rained on. You can confidently use this lantern to provide you with light whilst you move all your equipment out of the rain, or make a trip to the bathroom in the middle of a rainy night.
  • No more gas canisters. Being completely battery operated means that you never have to worry about any of the problems associated with gas canisters again ( well, at least not for lighting purposes ).
  • There is no need to fill your bags with spare batteries for this lantern. One set of batteries will give the Coleman Quad LED lantern a run time of 75 hrs, making it perfect for those long camping trips or emergency situations.[easyazon_image align="none" height="391" identifier="B001TS71NG" locale="US" src="" tag="allaroundcamping-20" width="500"]
  • Of them all, there are only two features of the [easyazon_link identifier="B001TS71NG" locale="US" tag="allaroundcamping-20"]Coleman Quad LED Lantern[/easyazon_link] that could be considered downfalls. Let's have a look at them below:
  • Measuring 6.5 x 11.7 in, this lantern is a little on the large side.  For some people, bigger isn't always better. If you are looking to save space or have a lantern that will fit in your backpack, then this is not the lantern for you.
  • An unfortunate result of being powered by 8 D cell batteries, is that this lantern is a heavyweight in the world of lanterns, weighing up to 6.15lbs ( 2.7kg ). Again not suitable for backpackers or for carrying over long distances.

Coleman Quad 4 Lights In One Removable Section 190-Lumen Rechargable Outdoor Camping LED Lantern

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  • 190 lumens; Coleman quad lantern approximate run time: 75 hours; Battery lantern features four detachable panels
  • Each panel on this LED quad lantern has 6 LEDs; Each panel has its own on/off switch
  • Each section recharges off the base; Four lights in one; Light range is 26 feet
  • Operates on 8 D cell batteries, not included; Remove a single section and light your way back to tent or around campsite
  • Turn on all four panels at once with master switch on top; Limited five year warranty; LED: (24) 5 mm white LED