Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag Review

When enjoying the great outdoors having a good night’s sleep is vital before embarking upon the next day’s adventures. After a long day of hiking, canoeing or just enjoying nature’s beauty you want to slip into a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and dry. Coleman’s North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag is a zero degree rated sleeping bag for the beginner to experienced camping enthusiast. It has a polyester construction to resist tears and water. The mummy style bag is designed to keep you snug and warm wrapping entirely around your body from head to toe with only your face exposed. While appearing as if you are constrained the average user will still have enough room to move their extremities. More of a heavier weight sleeping bag it is best suited for your late fall, early spring camping trip for a comfortable night’s sleep.
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Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag Features: 

  • Entire construction consists of polyester, including diamond rip-stop exterior for rugged protection from harsh camp conditions and water resistance. Comfortable filling of 100% polyester hypoallergenic Coletherm fill with a polyester inside liner.
  • Mummy sleeping bag design to keep maximum warmth trapped inside the bag includes an adjustable hood that conforms completely around the users head and extra insulated chest baffles to retain the maximum amount of heat.
  • Rated to zero degrees, the bag’s fill pattern is designed with a double batt offset quilt construction which eliminates cold zone. An internal draft tube prevents any seepage of air into the bag.
  • The spacious box shaped zone in the foot area of the bag allows extra movement for larger users.
  • The sleeping bag measures 32 x 82 inches fitting a person up to 6’-2” with the mummy bag hood cover drawn down.
  • Due to the polyester construction the sleeping bag is commercial machine washable, with the proper soap for easy care.
  • Provided with a no fabric snag two-way zipper that allows users to zip up from both inside and out of the bag.
  • Comes in a dual brown and olive drab green color.
  • Stuff sack for storage provide along with a 5-year limited warranty from Coleman.
  • A bit bulky the sleeping bag weighs in at approximately 5 pounds.


  • Users have stated the added quilted padding and extra foot space have made for a comfortable night’s sleep in the North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag. Though some have complained the fit is too tight, with a mummy style bag you will be closed in more than a standard square style bag.
  • The rip stop nylon shell and full polyester construction prove to be quite rugged and water resistant in the outdoor environment. Many users comment the bag was well made and held up to the riggers they put it through.
  • With a low price around $40 for the comfort and cold weather protection it is a bargain price compared to similar sleeping bags.
  • The draft curtain feature between the shoulder and head region aids in keeping you warm and provides an extra bit of padding for your head.



The North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag has a big bang for the buck. However, there are a few downsides to the sleeping bag that must be considered when selecting one. Some of the issues potential users must be aware of are listed below.

  • Does not easily stuff into compression sack. The bulkiness and extra weight, about 5 pounds, does not make this an ideal sleeping bag to strap on your back for long backpacking trips. Most beneficial when used at base camp or car camping.
  • The bag is rated to zero degrees but most users stopped being comfortable below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Good enough to keep you alive to the rated zero degrees but you may need to add an extra few layers to make it through restfully during those colder temperature nights.
  • Drawstrings for the hood are located on the inside, while making it easier to close down around your head some users found them to be irritating when they rubbed against their skin.
  • Maximum height for the user of the bag is stated at 6’-2” however, some users at 6’ had trouble fitting comfortably into the bag.
  • Users complained when the bag was first purchased it had a chemical odor emanating from the bag, though once aired the smell subsided.
  • Due to the low temperature rating it is not that suitable for middle of the summer camping trips.


Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag Consumer Feedback 

Most users gave the [easyazon_link identifier=”B0009PUSO4″ locale=”US” tag=”allaroundcamping-20″]Coleman’s North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag[/easyazon_link] favorable reviews being very pleased with the performance in the 15-20 degree temperature range. They praised the bag for its comfort and price, most were satisfied with the warmth the bag provided. Though reviewers noted this is not the best bag on the market due to its bulkiness it was rated highly in construction, comfort, and price.

Bottom line is this fairly inexpensive sleeping bag is more geared to the casual camper exploring colder weather base camping. There are lighter, lower temperature rated sleeping bags on the market intended for established backpackers or cold weather campers. Though the price range for those models may be well into the hundreds they may well be worth it for long cold excursions. If you are looking to stay warm on periodic camping trips this is a good value bag to pick up on your way to the campsite.



Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Mummy Bag

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  • Mummy bag measures 32"x82"; fits most people up to 6'2"
  • 60 ounces of Coletherm insulation keeps you comfortable down to 15º F
  • Diamond ripstop polyester cover with polyester liner
  • Coleman's ComfortSmart Technology ensures a comfortable, durable, high-quality sleeping bag
  • Stuff sack storage