5 Essentials for Your Camp Kitchen

If you are looking to go camping, you are likely going to want to bring camping kitchen supplies in order to be able to cook while on the trip. In order to do so effectively, you should create a checklist. Below we will list some of the most essential kitchen supplies that you should consider bringing.

  1. Stove

The first thing that you are going to want to ensure that you pack is a stove. A stove is one of the most essential items that should be on your checklist for kitchen supplies because it is what you are going to use to cook your food. Without a stove, you are going to have a hard time eating foods during your trip.

  1. Fuel

Another essential item that should be at the top of your checklist is fuel. It is important to bring a good amount of fuel with you on your trip in order to be able to actually turn on your stove and cook your food. Try to pace out how much fuel you are going to need during your trip and always try to bring more than enough. That way, you do not run out of fuel during the trip.

  1. Pots

Another essential item that you need to be sure that you bring is a pot – preferably pots. The reason why you are going to need pots is because pots will allow you to be able to cook your food inside of them. Without them, you will likely not be able to eat cooked food during your trip(s).

  1. Plates

You might also want to pack plates with you during your trip(s). The reason why plates are essential is because without them, you are likely not going to have anything to eat your food on. It is important to remain sanitary on you camping trips. Bringing plates will help you do that.

  1. Matches/Lighter

Another essential item that you are going to want to bring with you while camping is a fire starter. The best fire starters to bring with you are; matches and/or a lighter. These are the best fire starters to bring with you because you are going to be able to start any type of fire and be able to cook your food with ease. It would be better to bring waterproof matches and/or a waterproof lighter to ensure that you are covered even when it rains.

By following the checklist above, you should be able to prepare yourself fully for the unexpected. You should also be able to prepare yourself well to be able to cook and eat properly while out camping. It is important to maintain proper hygiene while you are camping because a lot of things can get dirty and exposed to harmful bacteria. By bringing plates and utensils with you, it should help decrease the amount of bacteria that gets to you. Be sure to pack everything mentioned in this article as they are some of the most essential camping kitchen items.

Bonus: Camp Coffee The Right Way!

Make Great Camp CoffeeMaking coffee at a remote camp site is an art. I don’t mean heating water and adding freeze dried or any other instant coffee. I’m talking about making coffee in a percolator the way it used to be.
There is nothing like the aroma of brewing coffee on a camp stove. This is the best way to brew coffee without electricity. Coffee for a percolator is a coarser grind than the automatic drip coffee more common today.

Start by filling the pot with fresh water to the bottom of the spout. Fill the basket to just below the center post with coffee. Usually 4-6 tablespoons depending on the size of the percolator.

Don’t overfill. This is where percolator coffee gets tricky. Heat the pot till the water just starts to perk. You don’t want it to reach a full boil or you will ruin the taste. Turn the stove down as low as it will go, then turn it a little lower. I say this because you will probably need to turn it lower than you think.

The idea is to keep the coffee perking once every 3-5 seconds. If perked too fast, the grounds will be in the bottom of the pot and the flavor will be boiled away. Perk for 15 minutes initially. You can increase the time for stronger coffee. Keep in mind, the longer coffee perks the more over-used the grounds become. Enjoy!