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Self Erecting Camping Tents Article

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Self Erecting Camping Tents

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Some of the appeal of camping is that it's a chance to get back to a simpler life. What could be more appealing than the idea of escaping into the country for a weekend or longer, being at one with nature. Then there's struggling to set up a tent, losing tent poles, trying to hammer pegs into solid, unyielding ground to wake up with only a thin canvas between you and the joys of the wild.

Okay so there are small stresses to be considered in every kind of camping vacation. If the thought of erecting and dismantling a tent fills you with a sense of vague dread or you don't get a kick out of pole and peg counting before every trip, consider a self-erecting camping tent.

Self-erecting camping tents have become very popular since they were introduced to the outdoor market. It's easy to see why. They are designed to just be unpacked and left to set themselves up, which they do almost instantly. The tent poles are built into the canvas so there is no need to thread poles through tent sleeves. All you have to do is sit back and watch your sleeping space unfold.

Self erecting camping tents have fewer parts that risk being broken or lost and they fold down for compact storage. As well being practically effortless to set up, self-erecting camping tents also dismantle with the same ease, both operations taking just a few seconds. Their ingenuity and simplicity also makes them a very affordable and desirable option for the outdoor adventurer.

A good self-erecting camping tent is both lightweight and durable, meaning they can be used for four-season camping. These tents are ideal for backpacking or biking trips or any type of vacation that means finding a different camping ground each night. The design tends to be domed rather than walled, but many interiors still have useful features which make it as adaptable and comfortable as many more traditional types of tent.

A decent sleeping mat and sleeping bag are essential for making the most of your camping experience. You may not have the advantage of using a sleeping cot in a self-erecting tent but sleeping pads and sleeping bag liners will ensure a good night's sleep, as will a proper outdoor sleeping bag. Make sure to buy a bag that is appropriate for the coldest expected outside temperatures.

You do still need to knock in those pegs if it's windy, even with a self-erecting camping tent, but as camping set ups go, it doesn't get any easier than this.

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