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Camping Vacations With The Family

from: Karlie Bestler

Family vacations can be a wonderful way to spend quality time. Many families take their vacation during the summertime when adults can take a week or more off from work and children are out of school. Of all the many choices for families when it comes to vacation, camping is usually the least expensive and the one that every family should try at least once.

There are many ways to go on a family camping trip. Families can:

* Camp in tents

* Rent a cabin

* Rent an RV

Each of these options are wonderful for families, but for different reasons. When planning a camping trip with your family, you should consider the following:

* Ages of the children

* Destination

* Time it will take to get there

* Available activities for children and adults

* Time of year

* Budget for the vacation

After considering all of these variables, you will have to make a choice as to how the family will camp. Tents, cabins, and RVs each have their own pros and cons when it comes to family camping trips. If you have never camped in an RV, tent, or cabin, you may not catch the differences as easily. For those who have a preference, they may be reluctant to try another, but you will need to think about what is best for your family.

Tent Camping

Camping in a tent will require you to rent or buy a tent that will be large enough for your family and your belongings. You will also need sleeping bags, padding, and other accessories that will ensure that you have a restful sleep. There are tents that have multiple rooms, which will offer a little privacy.


* True outdoor experience

* Tents are easy to assemble and take down

* Tents are easy to transport

* Tents will protect you from rain and wind


* Limited room

* Can get cold

* Uncomfortable at times

* Need to buy additional accessories

When looking for a tent for your family, you should consider the following:

* At least a 4-person tent

* Tent that can be assembled easily

* Tent with rooms or small porch area

* Tent that will last for a few years

If you plan on going on future camping trips, you should invest in a tent that is strong and durable. When your tent is not in use, it should be stored in a cool place that is dry so mold will not form.

Cabin Camping

Cabins are a wonderful idea if you have a larger family or if you will be camping with another family. Cabins come in all sizes and can be found next to lakes, mountains, canyons, streams, and even near the ocean. You will enjoy staying in a cabin because you will be able to cook meals, eat inside on rainy days, and relax without having to worry about bugs.


* Larger areas to live in

* Full kitchen

* Temperature regulated

* Privacy

* Rented all year round


* Can be expensive

* May have to reserve months in advance

* May not be close to activities

When looking for a cabin, you should look for the following:

* Proximity to bodies of water

* Number of bedrooms

* Indoor plumbing

* Age of the cabin

* Supplies that are included

In many cabins, supplies such as pots, pans, and other cooking supplies may be in the cabin. They may be used by those who rent the cabin. You will not have to take as much with you which will save time, storage, and money.

When you decide where you want to camp, you should see where the cabins are located. You may be able to rent a cabin by the week that is right next to a lake or stream. This is a relaxing way to spend a camping trip.

RV Camping

Renting an RV and driving to a campground is how a lot of families are camping these days. Because of the additional room, kitchen, and bathroom available, families find RVs convenient and comfortable to travel in.


* Travel longer distances with children

* Save on hotel and food costs

* Comfortable for everyone

* Ability to take longer vacations

* Rent or buy


* Gas can be expensive and RVs don't get good gas mileage

* Families may feel crowded

* Many campgrounds charge more for RVs

When looking to buy or rent an RV, you should consider the following:

* Find an RV that is large enough

* Make sure the RV has a bathroom and hot water heater

* Make sure that you are able to drive the RV

* Make sure the campground you want to visit allows RVs

If you are thinking about camping in an RV, you should keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time in the RV traveling, sleeping, eating meals, and sitting in traffic. If your family gets restless easily, you may want to choose another way to camp.

Once you get to the campground, you should spend the majority of your time outside the RV. Find activities to do, sightsee, or take a chair outside and sit in the sun. After all, you came to the campground to be outdoors and enjoy nature. If you stay indoors, you will not have as much fun on your vacation.


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